The 2021 NPC Monsta Classic
Classic Championships in Lake City, Florida


November 13

The Monsta Classic is a NPC National Qualifier for bodybuilding, figure, bikini, physique and wellness contest. It is open to all NPC registered athletes that are a U.S. resident. If you think you got what it takes to go home with the coveted title of (Monsta Classic WINNER), then you might want to strap on your training shoes, bust your ASS in the gym, prep your meals, drink your water and bring your "A" game. We expect to see competitors coming from far and wide to say they had what it took to take it all. Monsta Classic is putting our name behind this show, so you know we are bringing our best to present the NPC's top athletes in, what will soon be known as, one of the top competitive showcases around.

No worries, for all of you who don't plan to compete in this show, you can still be apart of this spectacular event by buying your tickets and cheering on your favorite athletes. This kind of event will get even the most tame person all hyped up wanting to start training for the next years competition. If you are an athlete, be sure to register early so you can concentrate on your training. If you are wanting to see the show, be sure to buy your tickets early as we have limited seating and we EXPECT this show to sell out quickly. We look forward to seeing you all (young and old) at, what will be, a FANTASTIC EVENT!



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